Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Minute on Recording Board Minutes

by Michael Martin

When the board meeting draws to a close, days or years later, what you are left with are the board minutes. What do your organization’s look like? Are they hardly more than an outline of the agenda itself, an exhaustive script of each and every spoken word, or somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes? Too many or too little details can make these records significantly less useful. What, then, should they look like?

A good place to start is to ask yourself this: Would someone who was not present at the meeting have a clear picture of the board’s actions and intent?

Board minutes are not only required, but they can become helpful tools for future generations of board members serving your organization. If needed, proper board minutes can also provide important legal insight into policies, intentions, and actions taken by the board. Sound board minutes can become a legacy as well as evidence of good faith in carrying out board duties.

Your board minutes are invaluable to your organization. Finding the right balance of what to include can be difficult. For more practical clarity, here is a sample set of board minutesHow do yours compare?

For more on board minutes, check out the video above and this knowledge center guide.