Monday, April 8, 2019

Lessons From the Church Boardroom – A New Book and A New Blog

Dan Busby and John Pearson deeply love the church and share a passion for Christ-honoring ministry at the board level. They’ve served on boards good and bad, they’ve heard tales from others, and they’ve immersed themselves in the literature of what makes boards work well. Their lessons, now brought together and shared in a new book from ECFA Press, Lessons From the Church Boardroom, are both tested for theory and tried by first-hand experience.

Lessons From the Church Boardroom will feel like it’s describing many of your own church board meetings. Disarming yet authoritative, enjoyable yet challenging, it quickly pinpoints an issue and then offers a better way to handle it. The bite-size chapters are certain to help anyone walk away with practical ideas that you can start using at your next board meeting.

In the book, Dan and John refer to the “church governing board” or simply the “board.” They are acutely aware that some churches have multiple boards, and that boards vary from church to church in both function and title. The book honors these differences. The 40 lessons shared will have meaning across denominational lines and within various governance structures.

As a companion resource to the book, which is available for purchase on or in bulk through ECFAPress, we are pleased to introduce a brand new blog written by John Pearson, along with guest authors who highlight key insights from the 40 lessons. Be sure to check out the Lessons From the Church Boardroom blog here.

We at ECFA are prayerful that this book and blog will serve as a catalyst for your church board to catch the vision for exceptional governance. We are hopeful that you’ll help foster a ripple effect of enriching boardroom experiences that honor God.

Like many, we believe that “as the board goes, so goes the church.”