Monday, April 1, 2019

Accountability for Large Church Pastors

With the power and influence God gives us, there is a responsibility to ensure that Christ remains at the center. What does that look like in practice, especially for pastors of large churches? It requires purposeful invitation.

In a recent podcast with ECFA’s Warren Bird, Matt Chandler of The Village Church talks through embracing the value of accountability in leadership.

Key to Chandler’s approach to accountability is inviting a “cross-section” of individuals from across the organization to speak into the lives of their three lead pastors. These men and women represent a variety of viewpoints and offer significant insight. This pool of trusted individuals sees their leaders and pastors in the thick of ministry. The questions and loving confrontations that result from these relationships provide the opportunity to address areas of concern. In this way, the senior leader is supported but also held accountable.

Purposefully inviting in people who can say “no” to senior leaders is essential. Systems of accountability prevent leadership and great decision-making power from being abused and misrepresenting Christ. For more about how to walk in accountability across the board - financially, spiritually, and more - check out the full Accountability for Large Church Pastors podcast here.