Monday, February 4, 2019

Insights on Receiving Non-Traditional Gifts

As giving in various non-traditional ways has become more popular, ministries should have a strategy prepared for receiving these new forms of generosity. We recently sat down with Dr. Jeff Steed of the Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation to discuss the issue. Here are a few notes for both givers and ministries to be aware of:

  • Beyond cash gifts, there are many opportunities for giving that can be advantageous to churches and ministries. Gifts of property, vehicles, stocks, businesses, etc., require special handling and consideration but can prove to be invaluable ministry assets.
  • Proper management can greatly enhance non-cash gifts. While not every gift can be received in its current form, many gifts can be significantly multiplied depending on how they are given and subsequently managed by the ministry.
  • Estate gifts and planned giving allow donors to leave a legacy with their final arrangements that honors what they valued in life.

To listen to the full discussion with special guest Jeff Steed, tune in here to the Insights on Receiving Non-Traditional Gifts podcast.