Monday, January 14, 2019

Potholes and Diversions

“As Christ’s messengers, our lives and institutions are like the road between two cities. If that road is full of potholes and diversions, people will too often turn off and choose another destination instead. We must strive to remove those potholes and diversions, leaving nothing to stand between the message of Jesus Christ and a waiting world.

The late Mark Hatfield, long-time Senator from Oregon and someone who was very public about his faith in Christ, offered these insightful remarks on the occasion of ECFA’s 20th anniversary two decades ago. He emphasized our duty as believers and leaders in Christ-centered churches and ministries to clearly pave the way for the Gospel.

Senator Hatfield went on to compare ECFA’s ministry to a road crew, serving alongside our members “to ensure that business and financial matters do not become potholes and diversions.”

Fast forward another 20 years, and ECFA marks its 40th anniversary in 2019—now serving over 2,300 members committed to upholding high standards in governance, financial management, and gift administration. 

Thank you for your continued partnership with ECFA as we work together to remove barriers in reaching a world in desperate need of the Savior’s love. We pray that 2019 will be your most fruitful year of ministry yet.     

Happy New Year!

P.S. Continue to watch the blog and the website for more exciting new resources and announcements as we celebrate ECFA’s 40th anniversary in 2019 as the “Year of Excellence in Governance.”